We can’t always depend on the grid. Our lifestyles are active, adventurous, and on the perennial “go”. We’re fearless mountaineers; unrelenting ridge runners; two-wheeled demons; jet setters & yogis. We bask and challenge ourselves with the serenity & trials of the great outdoors & seek comfort and reliability in our everyday concrete jungles. Disaster is the last thing on our minds.

Clunky emergency kits are an artifact of antiquity. Modern day survival is about balancing technology with our lifestyles. Enter SolarSak, the savvy survival kit that harnesses safety with portable & lightweight design & the power of the sun.

SolarSak is an everyday carry equipped with traditional survival kit necessities & an off-the-grid solar system. Our pack gives your gadgets juice no matter where you are, so you can share your thrills with the world & create memories that last.

Be prepared for the unknowns of today or tomorrow, so you can stay in the zone & concentrate on conquering your passion.